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Split image of man inspecting a roof and thermal gun pointing at roof


Our complimentary roof inspection process allows you as the customer to determine the condition of your roof surface in order to properly plan to safeguard your building asset.


We provide full photo reports identifying deficiencies in your roof system which allows us to communicate and work with you to determine the proper course of action for your roof, whether that is preventative maintenance and repairs, full replacement or restoration.



This comprehensive technological approach gives you the information you need to prioritize and budget for your roofing needs. This is a tool for roof system diagnosis and management using thermascan and infrared image technology to determine moisture anomalies throughout your roof service.


thermal scan



Scanning roof with thermal gun


This process involves a complete scan of all your roof areas with any wet insulation identified and marked, a scale drawing of all roof areas, moisture and water probe verification along with core cut verification and testing. This allows us to determine the detailed specifications for the proper roof work required.